How Yiwu Sidi Trading Benefits You !

In China a purchasing agent is a profession. Buying something seems to be very easy. A lot of people can just dream about such a job.
However, reality is much far from regular scenario. The work of a professional purchasing agent in China is different from a shopping at trendy boutiques.

A purchasing agent is required to find exactly what the client is interested in. In order to do that, the purchasing agent should have a good knowledge of the product and the price the client is interested in.

Some orders are much more complicated. E.g., products should be bought only from certain companies and in certain packaging, etc. In a word it’s not a bed of roses.

  •    Nobody can guarantee the exact quantity of the products needed by the client.

  •    Transportation costs increase greatly because you have to put together different small shipments

  •    When dealers or distributors understand that the purchase agent needs the products today, they use their inherent right to increase the price and the shipment charges.

Then, if you are a new client, buying goods in small shipments and in the very last minute, you will need a really ingenious purchasing agent, who will be able to satisfy your demands to prices, volumes and terms.

Besides, to be able to approach purchase of goods correctly one should know and understand a lot of things that seem to be insignificant (or just impossible).
For instance:

  •    How to make sure the goods correspond to the norms and standards of the country you want to send them to.

  •    How to export goods.

  •    Customs procedures in China.

  •    How to pack goods for transportation.

  •    What documents should be prepared for customs clearance etc…

It is necessary to know the answers to these and many more questions in order to organize the purchase of goods correctly. Not knowing the answers to these and many other questions may end up with wrong planning of purchases which finally result in huge losses suffered by companies and businessmen in relation to deals that look extremely attractive. You must know lots of similar examples though.

Our company Yiwu Sidi Trading Co Ltd has considerable experience in purchasing goods in China. Our expertise will help you to avoid mistakes made by the majority of businessmen purchasing goods from China.

YIWU SIDI TRADING CO. LTD is a sister concern of "Best China Manufacturing Company Ltd" established in the year 2007 at Hong Kong. We are a team of professional, quality control inspectors, sourcing specialists and business consultants. All our services are catered for overseas importers or export from the main manufacturing bases in China. We are offering a one-stop import and export business solution and aiming to create value for our clients worldwide. Our experience in this field have served our valuable clients in providing the top-notch products since 2007. We have worked with 100+ clients from more than 30 Countries. We promise that our quality exporting business solutions will add value to your business. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China !

Why do you need a Purchasing Agent service in China?

On the one hand, most of the Chinese SMALL and MID-scale factories do not have a direct Export License at present and the buyer cannot purchase legally and directly from them. Those factories will use their own Export Agent in China to protect their interests. The buyers are suggested to use their own Export or Import agent to protect their own interests in China in such cases. On the other hand, a qualified import or export agent will act as your own assistants and eyes, they will help you keep sourcing better qualified factories, control the business risks, control the quality and even offer after-sale services etc here in China, by this way the client can save much more time and cost.

With this service,YIWU SIDI TRADING CO. LTD can offer at least following work or services for their clients worldwide:

  •    Sourcing new suppliers or factories & sampling.

  •    Verification or Inspection of your suppliers.

  •    Management of suppliers in China

  •    Price negotiation

  •    Delivery support (Shipping and Logistic Support)

  •    Customs Clearance

  •    Quality Control Management

  •    Loading process supervision

  •    After-sale service support

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